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I live on the Hualapai Indian Reservation

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I am a member of the Hualapai tribe. I live on the Hualapai Indian Reservation in Peach Springs, Arizona. Our reservation consists of thousands of acres and beautiful Grand Canyon West.

I believe our reservation is special because the government gave it to us, it was considered unwanted or “no good” land. However, the land has been good to us. The money that comes from the Grand Canyon west tours is what our tribe depends on. Without it, we would not be so fortunate. In addition, what makes our hometown so special is that it is not one big city full of traffic and pollution. We have clean air and everyone knows everyone. When you go out to a public function, there is always someone there to chat with and have fun. Moreover, in our town when you want to go out on a Sunday afternoon and have lunch in the forest, all you have to do is travel about 30 minutes to Twenty Pines. On the other hand, if you would rather ride quads or horses out in the desert you always have your back yard.

Another great thing about Peach Springs is we get the works. We catch every type of weather, not just heat, snow, rain or wind. In every season comes new weather. In addition, don’t think that a person has to be Hualapai to enjoy our beautiful reservation, we have pink, purple and yellow people coming to live and work for our tribe everyday. We also have tons of tourists coming through to stay at our hotel, taking the river rafting tours, and viewing the Grand Canyon. Peach Springs is the place to be.